Intraocular Vascular Tumours

Vascular tumours of the eye include:

  • Choroidal haemangioma
  • Retinal capillary haemangioblastoma
  • Retinal cavernous haemangioma
  • Retinal vasoproliferative tumour
  • Retinal arteriovenous malformation

Choroidal Haemangioma

Retinal Capillary Haemangioblastoma

  • These are benign vascular tumours that can grow in the eye as an isolated condition, or as part of a systemic syndrome (von Hippel-Lindau Syndrome).
  • They cause problems when they leak and cause loss of vision.
  • If untreated, they can grow to large proportions causing further loss of vision and retinal detachment.
  • Management of this condition involves accurate detection of all lesions and treatment with a combination of LASER, intravitreal injection therapy, cryotherapy (freezing) and radiation therapy.

Retinal Cavernous Haemangioma

  • These are benign grape-like clusters of vascular growth on the retina.
  • They are usually non-progressive and rarely cause problems. In the rare occasion, they may bleed into the eye causing a vitreous haemorrhage.
  • A vitrectomy operation may be needed if the vitreous haemorrhage issevere and does not clear or is recurrent.

Retinal Vasoproliferative Tumour

  • This is a vascular tumour that usually grows in the periphery of the retina.
  • They may occur as an isolated condition, or be associated with other coexisting eye conditions.
  • They cause visual problems by leakage that affects the macula (area of the retina responsible for central vision) or formation of scar tissue that contracts.
  • Treatment may involve a combination of LASER, cryotherapy (freezing), intravitreal injection therapy, radiation therapy or vitrectomy.

Retinal Arteriovenous Malformation

  • These are rare benign congenital vascular malformations that develop in the eye.
  • It may occur as an isolated condition, or be associated with a systemic condition (Wyburn-Mason Syndrome).
  • The malformation in the eye is usual stable and asymptomatic. Rarely it can cause bleeding into the vitreous (vitreous haemorrhage) that may require vitrectomy to clear.